Carl Waldspurger

I am a computer scientist in the systems area, currently working as an independent consultant and technical advisor. I enjoy collaborating with founders and engineering teams at startups, as well as contributing to research and development projects at larger companies.

I was previously a Principal Engineer at VMware, where I was responsible for core resource management and virtualization technologies. I led the design and implementation of processor scheduling, memory management, and NUMA scheduling for the ESX hypervisor, and was the architect for VMware's Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

Before that, I was a researcher at the DEC/Compaq Systems Research Center in Palo Alto (now HP Labs), where I worked on the DCPI profiling project and the Itsy handheld computer. As a graduate student at MIT LCS (now MIT CSAIL), I worked on a variety of projects, including computational resource management, multithreaded computer architectures, and parallel and distributed systems.

Most of my publications are available from my research page.

I'm married to Paige Parsons, a professional rock concert photographer. We live in Palo Alto with our two children, Emma and Gus, along with two house rabbits.

Carl Waldspurger