Carl Waldspurger

I'm currently working with stealth-mode startups.

For the previous decade, I was a Principal Engineer at VMware, where I was responsible for core resource management and virtualization technologies. I led the design and implementation of processor scheduling, memory management, and NUMA scheduling for the ESX Server hypervisor, and was the primary architect for VMware's Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

Before that, I was a researcher at the DEC/Compaq Systems Research Center in Palo Alto (now HP Labs), where I worked on the DCPI profiling project and the Itsy handheld computer.

As a graduate student at MIT LCS (now MIT CSAIL), I worked on a variety of projects, including computational resource management, multithreaded computer architectures, and parallel and distributed systems.

Most of my publications are available from my research page.

I'm married to Paige Parsons, a photographer and user-interface consultant. We have two children, Emma and Gus, and live with two house rabbits in our home.

Carl Waldspurger
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